We have taken an important decision at Folkhem by deciding to only to build in wood. Our tallest buildings are 20 storeys. They look different. They smell fresh of the forest. They even have different acoustics compared to regular houses – more muted, more natural. As you can imagine, we like wood a lot. But beauty is not everything. We have other reasons for making this choice. Wood is a great deal more sustainable than concrete and other materials. Because wood absorbs carbon dioxide it has a zero carbon footprint. There is a lot of forest in Sweden. Although each individual tree grows slowly, the forest expands by one hundred million cubic metres a year. It only takes a minute to grow an 8-storey 64-unit building. Only ten per cent of all new buildings in Europe are built from wood. Why aren’t there more? We simply don’t know. What we do know is that if that proportion increases by only one per cent, as much as 25 per cent of the objectives set in the Kyoto Protocol will be met. We consider it a given, we have already switched to wood. Folkhem is only a small construction company, however. We cannot take charge of every construction project in Europe. What we can offer is a great deal of knowledge and expertise. We spend much of our time talking to people about our buildings, we demonstrate wall sections and we organize tours. Everyday, visitors tell us that they have learned things they didn’t know before. This too, is a form of construction.
Stadshagen is the first EPD-certified residential building in the world. Click on the EPD link below to find out more.