Arkitema Architects


Örby, Älvsjö

Construction period:



54 months

Form of tenure:

Tenancies and tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

32 000 tonnes

Örby in Älvsjö has been designated as a significant development area in South Stockholm. We have therefore worked on a dense block structure at a central location in Örby, a new development east of the Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre, a highly strategic location situated close to the 20-storey Scandic Talk hotel. We consider this a site that is especially suitable for tall buildings. The street alignment suggests that the new development may function as an extension of the trade fair complex, which would benefit from taller additions. We are working on a proposal that allows buildings to grew taller in stages in a southeasterly direction and at the north-west corner of the proposed site with a 16-storey tower block at the highest point. This is a solution that allows the largest possible amount of light to enter flats and the courtyard. The tallest building will have two focal points: an illuminated “sky bar” and a rooftop conservatory. We have found inspiration in the structure and the building material, a system of modules consisting of solid wood walls and floor beams. Laminated wood panels cover the joints between each module element, forming a repeat grid pattern, a distinguishing feature that adds to the coherent impression. Building proportions are determined by the width of individual module elements. This feature is also present in the courtyard-facing balconies supported on pillars. The 2-metre-deep “balcony zone” is flexible and can be used for balconies, winter gardens or bay windows (a climatic buffer zone). We have done our best to design units with windows in two directions with no dead ends as you walk around the flat. We are also planning for flexible solutions (i.e. the possibility of adding partitioning walls).