Kjellander + Sjöberg



Construction period:



33 months

Form of tenure:

Tenancies and tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

20 000 tonnes

We are envisaging two neighbourhood blocks with tenancies and tenant-owner occupation on Årstafältet. Block 1 is overlooking the Activity Park and fields to the east. Block 2 will be situated to the west of Block 1 along the central zone with a major road to the south and minor streets to the north as well as in between the blocks. In order to fit in with the structural plan, the site forms a tapering wedge towards the park. Each stairwell is designed as a separate entity that forms part of a residential courtyard. There are informal passages through the block with gateways and openings through which you can catch a glimpse of the residential courtyards. The buildings are solid wood structures with a low ecological and carbon footprint. Wood also dominates on exterior surfaces. We are envisaging a whole range of different façade types, each with its own rhythm and proportions. These can be repeated, and together they will form a rich, vibrant, unified whole. Balconies that overlook the street are integrated and balconies that face the courtyards are more open. Gable roofs are combined with verdant rooftop terraces and conservatories for cultivation and communal activities.