General Achitecture



Construction period:



30 months

Form of tenure:

Tenancies and tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units :


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

22 000 tonnes

Cederhusen is a proposed development in the new city district of Hagastaden. Hagastaden will connect the district of Solna with central Stockholm, forming a natural extension of the urban stone architecture. This new district will be a dense, urban environment with a diverse, dynamic atmosphere. Buildings vary in height – a concept borrowed from American urban design – while still adhering to a coherent block structure. Classic urban stone buildings typically have a coherent design and are placed in a grid system.
Façades are rendered or stone clad with a classical layout in terms of windows and other features. There is a clearly defined order whereby commercial premises are located on the ground floor; the façade across the living space is of a unified design finished off by a frieze along the base of the roof. Decorations and ornamentation are often confined to structural elements. This new development blends in with the surrounding, modern stone architecture by means of its coherent, attractive design, enclosed courtyards and two towers overlooking the Norra Stationsparken park. These residential buildings offer an uncommonly high standard of living. Each unit borrows its layout from classical city apartments, including the use of natural light and human proportions. The architects have done their best to create a large number of efficiently planned, affordable homes. The buildings are entirely made of wood with solid wooden load-bearing structures and cedar shingle façades. Structural elements are exposed on the glazed-in ground floor and on the two-storey-high wooden section that overlooks the park, adding to the buildings’ unique character. The shingle façades are reminiscent of classical stone architecture in terms of their classical design, complete with a solid wood frieze along the base of the roof. Cederhusen will take Stockholm one step further on the way of becoming an international model for sustainable living.