Petra Gipp Arkitektur



Construction period:



15 months

Form of tenure:

Collective building with flats and commercial premises

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

5 500 tonnes

At this dense inner city location, small wooden cottages exist side by side with freestanding structures such as Malongen, the oldest building on Nytorget, and the Katarina Södra school. This proposal joins the different levels and alignments on the site, connecting the public parks of Nytorget and Vitabergsparken by means of a new green area by Malongen. Due to the difference in altitude between Nytorget and the new park, the premises, open-air restaurants and parks will be constructed in a sheltered, south-facing section.  The two solid wood buildings will be given a contemporary, distinctive design that stands out. Collective functions include a space for communal meals, work and social functions as well as activities such as educational associations and clubs. The small two-room flats in the larger building will face both Nytorget and Malongen with no definable front or back. The entrance floor offers a view of the surrounding park. All units are accessed via integrated balconies. A lower section of the building that will house flats or commercial premises is overlooking the old wooden cottages and Malongen. A freestanding section on Sofiagatan will connect the park zone with the city proper. The two levels can be joined here, creating a more private entrance space with access to all residential areas. These buildings should be viewed as one unit in which each block, with its open and closed sections, clearly communicates with the surrounding buildings. One explicit requirement is that materials must be allowed to age well, making the development even more attractive as time passes. One fundamental concept includes allowing the vegetation to continue up the façades, along the row of openable windows and balconies and onto the large rooftop terraces where residents will be able to cultivate vegetables, herbs and flowers. Also on the roof is yet another light communal space with a stunning view where residents can get together.