Nytorps gärde


Gustaf Appell Arkitektkontor


Nytorps Gärde

Construction period:



27 months

Form of tenure:

Tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

15 000 tonnes

Nytorps gärde is a popular green zone between Dalen hospital in the west and Kärrtorp sports ground in the east. The buildings’ dimensions allow a variety of flat sizes. We estimate that there is a demand for more large flats in the area. In order to bring life to a planned new street, entrances will be located in conjunction with tranquil communal spaces in between the houses. There will be a larger public space between the planned and the existing developments as well as clearer boundaries between public, semi-public, private and semi-private zones. Façade cladding will incorporate balconies in the form of an uninterrupted band along the façade. Balconies will be facing two directions on alternate levels in order to create greater diversity among individual blocks of flats. This will also allow for sheltered entrances and easy façade maintenance. There will be three flats on every floor, one (4-5 rooms) that is overlooking Nytorps gärde and two at the back. The buildings will be as narrow as possible (12 m) in order not to block the view from the existing buildings on Fyrskeppsvägen and Paternostervägen. All existing zones will be maintained and extended. Fyrskeppsvägen to the south is today cut off from Nytorps gärde by a wooded area. The proposed houses will be built in between the tall trees that today and in the future will constitute the perimeter of the park. Load-bearing structures, façades, windows and balconies will as far as possible be made from renewable solid wood. The buildings will be contemporary in style with a bold edge. Façades are covered in vertical tongued and grooved panel in the form of large “shingles” aligned with windows and balconies, a strict visual effect that contrasts with the tactility of the wood. Corners will be cut according to the angle of the shingles, an artisan touch that tolerates closer inspection.