Petra Gipp Arkitektur



Construction period:



24 months

Form of tenure:

Tenancies and tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

7 400 tonnes

This area is characterised by a diverse collection of styles from different epochs. These include slab blocks, tower blocks, detached houses and magnificent villas with adjoining large gardens set in a natural landscape with exposed rock and unkempt parkland. The villas along the higher street have a unified design that will be complemented by two new units in wood that will blend in with the existing buildings at the same time as they have a unique quality of their own. The alignment of the lower road along the hill, with Högalid Church as a background feature, backs on to the buildings below. Natural slopes allow for three wooden structures that form a unified whole along the street with a strong connection to the 20th century brick buildings across the space. The gables of these buildings are facing the street and courtyards are facing away from the street. The tall buildings situated further down correspond to the villas above in terms of material, proportions, features and appearance. Our proposal aims to connect the different scales, directions and topography of this site. Parking spaces are planned at the back of the lower buildings, against the rock, where small terraces in between the buildings and patios for ground-floor flats may be added. Residents will be able to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers on the generous rooftop terraces, and one of the top flats may be turned into a communal space that residents can use for various activities. The rooftops blend in with the surrounding natural landscape, taking in the light and the view.