Petra Gipp Arkitektur



Construction period:



24 months

Form of tenure:

Tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

5000 tonnes

A new city district is planned in Stadshagen, one of the highest situated locations in Stockholm. Its perimeter will be following the top of a steep hill by the Karlberg Canal. Folkhem have commissioned two buildings that will be constructed at the top of the slope in buffer zone between the city and the natural landscape. Each building will feature a light-coloured concrete foundation followed by a solid, bark-clad wooden superstructure. They will blend with the new urban development across the newly built Stadshagsvägen road. On the ground floor, spacious commercial premises are overlooking a series of small piazzas at street level. These add life to the street and share the one great feature of this location – the view. Entrances, bicycle parking and refuse chutes are also found on these piazzas. A stone wall runs along the perimeter towards the canal, marking the boundary between the city and the countryside. These buildings are situated alongside the steep slope, but are set in a completely different context, right in the middle of a wilderness, among the treetops overlooking north Stockholm. The wooden building follows the gradient. Viewed from Hornsbergs strand, the road below, the slender, tall outline seems to communicate with the tall pines. The inside features open-plan corner flats with living rooms and balconies at the gable end. Large picture windows, all equal in size, contribute to the timeless serenity of the design. Windows, doors and fittings are all made of wood. There are communal rooftop terraces and private spaces with access to direct sunlight and a spectacular view towards the north, west and east.