Sven Harry’s Art Museum

The builder Sven Harry Karlsson has been collecting art for 35 years. He is currently building a new museum for his collection in Vasaparken, Stockholm, with the aim of promoting excellent art, architecture and design. Sven Harry Karlsson is often portrayed as a builder of the old school with a great interest in architecture, art and design. The museum will be a piece of art in itself, surrounded by parkland on three sides with a dazzling diamond on the roof. Everything is in its rightful place according to the collector’s own ideas of how to please the eye. Wingårdh architects were commissioned to design the building in accordance with Sven Harry Karlsson’s own vision with an emphasis on location, the surrounding city, the design of the building itself and the art collection. Part of this vision is to add a new venue and character to a much-loved park. A foundation, Byggmästare Sven Harrys Konst- och Bostadsstiftelse, was formed in 2001 with the aim of awarding grants for young artists. Sven Harry Karlsson has spent most of his life collecting and managing a unique art collection, which has now been donated to the foundation together with the interior in which it was originally displayed. The core of the collection is a large number of paintings and drawings by 20th century Nordic artists from the turn of the century to the present day with an emphasis is on Swedish contemporary artists including Lena Cronqvist, Ulrik Samuelson, Hans Wigert, Dan Wolgers, Åsa Larsson and Ylva Ogland. This donation entails that the works are made accessible to the general public in an attractive venue in Vasaparken. The museum will be tailor-made to house the collection. The building will be owned by the Foundation, which will also be in charge of the administration.