Eighteen wooden houses we want to build immediately

We have been spending a great deal of time lately convincing people that wood is the best building material. We don’t mind, but it’s not what we want to spend all our time doing. We prefer to build houses. That’s why we are now approaching the City of Stockholm with a bid to build 6,000 flats in ten years, beginning immediately. Some of Sweden’s eighteen foremost architects have been commissioned to design one state-of-the-art residential project each – all in wood. Each building that has been planned for selected sites across greater Stockholm will contain between 50 and 350 housing units. The tallest building is a 22-storey tower block and the lowest has six storeys. The political target states that 150,000 new flats are to be built by 2030 – we would prefer if they were all made of wood. It would be a formidable statement and a major step towards meeting the climate goals. But we need to think realistically about this; even 6,000 homes made of wood would make a change. Not only are these houses pleasant to look at and to live in, they are astonishingly low on carbon emissions. By switching 6,000 concrete buildings for our wooden structures we will reduce carbon emissions by 600,000 tonnes. (It’s a staggering thought equal to stopping all flights from a small airport such as Bromma Airport for 50 years.) We are ready to begin construction right now.