Tengbom Arkitekter



Construction period:



30 months

Form of tenure:

Tenancies and tenant-owner flats

No. of housing units:


Commercial premises:


CO2 savings:

24 000 tonnes

The waterfront Ropstenskajen development will be part of the Ropsten stage in the Stockholm Royal Seaport (Norra Djurgårdsstaden) development. This proposal is based on the proportions of this waterfront location and the area around the abutment of the Lidingö Bridge. The 5–11-storey residential blocks will show great variation in terms of scale, roof endings and colour scheme, resulting in a vibrant whole. The load-bearing structure is of solid wood; facades and balconies are wood-clad. Variations in façade cladding are achieved by means of multiple panel profiles. This project includes approximately 128 tenant-owner flats in the northern part and 116 tenancies in the southern part of the development with optional commercial premises overlooking the water and main thoroughfares. These buildings will add character to a vibrant neighbourhood with multiple social and aesthetical benefits. Entrances at street level will have seating arrangements, rather like a porch. On entering individual housing units you get a good overview of the efficient layout, the wooden construction is partly exposed in walls and ceilings and floorboard dimensions are generous. The aim is to create affordable housing for a broad section of the population. There are no dead ends as you walk around the flat, which adds to the spacious feeling and allows for alternative uses of rooms. Ceilings are higher than normal. Each flat has a balcony or terrace fitted with sunscreens on longitudinal balconies with movable screens.  We use renewable, natural building components in combination with modern technology to create a living environment where residents are encouraged to consider the environmental aspects of everyday life. They will enjoy living in a house where touching walls and floors is a pleasant experience in a house that smells of wood and ages gracefully.