The history of Folkhem

Folkhem Trä is owned by Veidekke och Rikshem. We will be focusing on housing developments in the Stockholm region, for example by presenting a proposal for 6,000 wooden housing units to the Stockholm City Council. In this proposal, carbon emissions have been reduced by 600,000 tonnes, equal to approximately one tonne per citizen, compared to traditional construction methods. 
We will have to build in wood in order to meet climate targets! Folkhem will continue to run projects through this new company with funding from the real estate company Rikshem.  Rikshem is owned by the real estate company AMF-fastigheter and 4:e AP-fonden, one of five buffer funds in the Swedish pension system. The fund explicitly desires to invest in low carbon emissions projects in co-operation with the United Nations. In their view, investing in wooden structures will reduce economic risk and generate positive revenue in the long term at the same time as every effort is being done to meet the climate goals. Folkhem Trä subscribe to this view.