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Cederhusen in Hagastaden

Cederhusen is a tribute to craftsmanship, pride, and commitment. The project represents both tradition and innovation and has become an icon for sustainable architecture and groundbreaking timber construction.

A Whole for the Entire City 

The project has been created with the entire city in mind, where high quality permeates every aspect, and with a strong focus on the human dimension in architecture. Through close collaboration with General Architecture, we have managed to realise what once seemed impossible, driven by the conviction that wood is the material of the future for modern and sustainable housing construction.


Trials and Convictions

Despite technical challenges and global trials during times of pandemic, war, climate change, and resource scarcity, Cederhusen stands ready to welcome its residents. It is a reminder that a strong will and conviction are the keys to overcoming obstacles.

Wood throughout 


Sensory Experiences on a Grand Scale

Cederhusen, consisting of four buildings across two blocks with 234 apartments, is not only an example of sustainable architecture but also an invitation to sensory experiences. It's like entering a world where scent, touch, and sight work together to awaken insights and knowledge in both residents and visitors.

Groundbreaking architecture  


Wood as a Sustainable Core

With a frame of 8,798 cubic meters of Swedish CLT wood, Cederhusen is a unique solid wood project in an urban environment. The location, situated above three of the E4 highway's tunnel roofs, required pioneering innovation and engineering. Its architecture is a modern interpretation of Stockholm's classical stone town architecture, with façades and details that embody the warm feel of wood.

Unique Large-Scale Carpentry 

Cederhusen goes further by not standardising any details. Instead, every element, from mouldings to trim, has become part of a grand-scale carpentry project. Specialists use hand-held tools to create a unique and precise result that embraces the beauty of wood.


Climate footprint


Leading Sustainable Construction

The project has become a model for sustainable construction. The CLT wood frame halves the carbon footprint, compared to a similar concrete frame, and offers many practical advantages on the construction site. It has also contributed to increasing the industry's knowledge of wood as a relevant and high-performing building material. Cederhusen is not just a home but a symbol of future architecture.